Sunday, November 18, 2007

Learn English Online : Lesson 1

Learn English Online 4: What is Leo

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Learn English Online is considered to be one of the best way for the self-English Learning. There are many websites out there you can learn and practice your English skill.

You can leave your questions in English forum, read, write and listen all kind of practice to improve your English skill. It can be called a " Virtual English School."

The followings are advantages of Learn English Online

1. It's usually Free. There are many websites provides you 100% free resources or, at least, you can choose only a free one.

2. You can Learn English Online at anytime. If you take English class. You have to force youself to go to class and try to learn as much as you can. Sometimes it's not effective because you are not in a mood to learn or you are worried about homewok, family problem etc. which are discouraged your learning ability.

For Learn English Online, you can learn anytime you want and whenever you are ready.

3. More variety of knowledges. If you take an English class you might get to choose the specific type of class such as "Listening for the beginner" or "Business Writing."

For Learn English Online, you can go to business writing website today and listenning for online radio talk show tomorrow. Learn English Online is more various and flexible.

4. No worry about mistake. Nobody knows who you are on the Internet. At least, they don't know exactly who you are. Therefore, you can get ask any questions that you think it's too stupid to ask someone in person.

Even though I believe that no such thing as a stupid question people still be afraid to be embarrased by asking something that everyone in the world already know but him/her.

Go to the English forum and ask such questions like "Who is the president of the United States?" or "Where is China?" Who care right?

I believe there should be many more advantages of Learn English online (LEO) but what I proposed above should be enough to convince you how effective it is to learn english online. Million people are moving to us now. What are you waiting for?

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