Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Learn English Online : Lesson 8

Learn English Online: Familiarity not memory

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At kinglishschool, we believe that memory cannot take you any far in English learning journey. Even though you can memorize every single words in dictionary it does not mean that you can speak english fluently.

But, yet, we understand that language is not a mathematics so only understanding is not enough as well.

So, what's the best approach to learn? We suggest to try familiarity. This is the way infants learn languages. They never sit down and memorize the vocabulary and, surely, they don't understand the logic of the language.

They hear it many times so they get familiar with it until they can present it out. This way your communication will be automatic because it is in the permanent memory part of your brain already.

You don't need to memorize how to ride a bicycle and you don't need to understand how to ride a bicycle but you need to familiar with how to ride a bicycle. Nobody forget how to ride a bicycle once they can do it right?

For example, if you want to speak english fluently. You can visit our conversation corner, read through the conversation in many situations many times, think about it, use it when you have a chance but DO NOT try to memorize it. After a while, you speaking skill will be the same as riding a bicycle.

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