Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Online English Lesson : Lesson 18

Is English School Really Good?

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Your English instructor is not a magician....

Have you ever feel like totally blank after completing the language class? You feel like learned nothing, lost money and wasted time? Well, then, you are normal.

Many people go to English school, pay so much money and hope they will be an expert when they finish the course.

Unfortunately, most of them do not get what they want. It is not all that the school is not good but, many time, the students do not understand that their instructors are not a magician.

No matter how good your school is, you have to work hard anyway to be successful in learning English.

Taking an English class is an excellent opportunity that you can be in an English environment. Therefore, you need to participate as much as possible. You need to interact with the class.

If you just listen and read you can do it everywhere. No need to pay money to take the class. Raise your hand, open your mouth, make friends with everyone, anything you can to ensure that your learning time will be valuable.

Before you decide to pay money for English class. Ensure you are ready. Ensure you fully understand that your instructor is not a magician.

You still need to work hard.

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