Sunday, June 1, 2008

Practice Reading English

Pick your interesting topics

As I mentioned earlier in previous articles, one of the best way to practice reading is to pick the topics that you are intested in. Below are good blogs with different type of articles that you can practice reading and have fun.

Funny Jokes -- Hundreds of free funny jokes. Practice reading from jokes. You laugh while you learn.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans -- Industrial articles about home improvement. For those who are interested in design and home improvement etc.

School Party Ideas -- You might be having fun to read these articles, if you are college or highschool students. It is about good ideas to set up party at school.

English Word Origins -- If you like history this blog may be one of your favourite. It provides origins and history of popular english words and terms that you be surprised to know.

Free purchase order forms -- Business and law articles. It links to many other law and business related articles.

Feng Shui Tips -- Feng Shui Tips article. For those who are interested in horoscope, fortune and feng shui philosophy.

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